X/procure Pharmacy Ordering

X/procure® enables more than 63% of SA pharmacies to purchase scheduled and OTC pharmaceutical, surgical and front shop requirements directly from wholesalers and distributors.

X/procure® specialises in the delivery of electronic ordering and advertising technology to the Pharmaceutical Industry. X/procure® is not simply an ordering system, it is an information management tool for your business . X/procure® streamlines the electronic ordering and document distribution process, saving your business time and money. X/procure® is exclusively utilised by major pharmacy groups in SA, as well as many privately owned pharmacies, clinics and dispensing Doctor’s.

How it works


X/procure® Pharmacy Software creates a shopping list from dispensing or POS system such as CKS, Propharm, ComputAssist, then transmits the electronic order for processing:

Step 1

Select best prices & suppliers via X/procure® Pharmacy

Step 2

X/procure® Pharmacy sends orders to suppliers

Step 3

Suppliers send responses to X/procure® Pharmacy

Step 4

X/procure® Sends confirmation back to dispensing systems

From the minimal implementation requirement to the receipt of confirmed orders, X/procure® Pharmacy remains the simplest yet most powerful e-Procurement software tool. Implementation of X/procure® Pharmacy is undertaken by our qualified support technicians from one of our national centres and is supported by a professionally staffed help-desk, manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


To further enhance and simplify your e-Procurement experience X/procure® Pharmacy is the only e-Procurement technology to connect and interact seamlessly with over 95% of Pharmacy Point of Sale and Dispensing Software systems currently installed in South Africa:

  • Innovative Platform  - Our pharmacy platform caters to all of the marketing mix – communication, branding, launches, education etc.
  • Mobile e-Procurement technology for Sales Reps.
  • Wide footprint - Our install base that includes corporate pharmacy chains and independents, ensures you get maximum exposure.
  • Powerful e-Procurement ordering platform.
  • Interface directly with the suppliers' inventory system.
  • The most stable and user-friendly software in the market.
  • Exceptional 24/7 Service & Support – Dedicated sales and technical teams available when you need them.
  • Updates on wholesaler specials, product launches, price reductions and product retractions etc. on the Xprocure® software.
  • Advertise and fill your vacant positions on the software to all Xprocure® customers
  • Advertise for locums on the software


Beyond being an ordering system, X/procure® is also an information management tool with key features including but not limited to:

  • Price Comparisons - ensures that you purchase at the best price available
  • Past Order Warnings - ensures no duplicate
  • Confirmation Faxes - printed for schedule 6 and 7 items
  • Manufacturer Routing - auto-routing of products to your preferred supplier based on manufacturer
  • Supplier Cut-Off Times - displays cut-off times for your suppliers
  • Credit limit Indicator - displays running total and available credit for suppliers while ordering
  • Simplifies and optimises your pharmacy purchasing at all levels
  • Controls your ordering processes while reducing costs and ensuring the most cost-effective purchases
  • Maximises your profit and time savings
  • Ensures 100% productivity

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