X/procure Pharmacy Advertising

Independent research study conducted by Ipsos Markinor found that more than 93% of all X/procure® pharmacy subscribers utilise the system on a daily basis. Additionally, the pharmacist was the final decision maker on the purchase in 75% of the subscribing pharmacy's.

The study also showed that in excess of 80% of pharmacists preferred ordering their stock electronically through the X/procure® Pharmacy system than through any other method and the same number felt more positive towards the brands being advertised on the system.

Recent legislation changes in South Africa has shifted more responsibility onto pharmacists, making them key decision makers in the distribution and recommendation of pharmaceutical products to the public. This places an added value onto the X/procure® software platform, as its various advertising mediums have the ability to ensure that the advertiser's brand is not only presented at the forefront of the procurement process, but the brand is highly recognisable at pharmacy level.

With advertising mediums ranging from Intervention to Interactive Adverts, X/procure® will not only ensure repetitive brand presentation but also measurability of advertising campaigns.

"Markinor research found that more than 93% of all X/procure® Pharmacy subscribers utilise the system on a daily basis."
"80% of local pharmacists preferred ordering their stock through the X/procure® Pharmacy system"
"More than 75% of the time, the pharmacist was the final decision maker on the purchase."

Advertising mediums



  • The X/procure® software facilitates electronic advertising DIRECTLY to the pharmacist in more than 1450 pharmacies.
  • Electronic advertising direct to the Pharmacist.
  • 93% of our 1450 pharmacists use the system on a daily basis.
  • The daily use of the X/procure® system by pharmacies across South Africa makes the platform a powerful advertising tool and source of information to advertisers.

Product Monitoring Report (PMR)

Product Monitoring Reports (in Excel format) are included at no charge when an Intervention Advert is utilised. PMR reports provide customizable data to track sales performance and provide insight into sales force effectiveness & market trends.

  • The report highlights sales data on a daily and monthly basis.
  • Track this data per region and per wholesaler / supplier.
  • Stock Regrets Report: Determine the reason why stock is being regretted at wholesaler level.
  • Trend Analysis: Determine category trends.
  • Market Share: Determine the product market share within a certain category through X/procure®.
  • NSM's and Reps can utilise pharmacy data to determine where there is a need to detail / sell more in order to gain market share over their competitors.

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