Support Services
 X/procure® Software’s Customer Support Department provides a variety
of support services to its partners and direct customers. The Customer
Support Department operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
 If you are a user of X/procure® Software who requires support, your first
point of contact should be the Customer Support Department. The contact
number for the Customer Support Department is +27 (0)86 197 7628, the
email address for the Customer Support Centre is and you can also make use of the Bugs and
Features Function within the software package loaded at your premises.
 Support services are available in Afrikaans and English only.
Support Entitlement
 X/procure® Software provides post-sales support to its direct paying
customers (Pharmacies, Manufacturers or Distributors who is bound
through an agreement and rents the X/procure® Software package).
 X/procure® Software provides online support by means of X/procure®’s
QuickSupport tool. This enables us to take control of your Computer to
rectify any issues you might experience.
 X/procure® Software may provide on-site support at an hourly rate.
 X/procure® Software does not provide support for any third party
 X/procure® shall provide reasonable technical service, support and
maintenance to ensure the reasonable functioning of X/procure® Pharmacy.
The obligation to support and maintain X/procure® Pharmacy shall not
include the obligation to provide support and maintenance as a result of the
failure or malfunctioning of the customer’s computer hardware and/or
software installed thereon other than X/procure® Pharmacy, or as a result
of any cause other than a programming or operational fault in X/procure®
Pharmacy itself. Support and maintenance required by the customer in
respect of malfunctioning of the Licensee’s computer hardware and/or
software installed thereon other than X/procure® Pharmacy, shall be
charged to the customer at the rate of R250.00 per hour plus VAT and R4.00
per kilometer measured from the offices of X/procure® to the Pharmacy
premises, and back.
Software Licensing and Installation Procedure
 The license is granted in respect of the electronic software ordering system
known as “X/procure® Pharmacy” in respect of which X/procure® holds the
intellectual property rights.
 X/procure® grants the customer a non-transferable and non-exclusive
license to use X/procure® Pharmacy during the currency of the agreement.
The customer may not use X/procure® Pharmacy at any location other than
the Pharmacy premises without the prior written consent of X/procure®.
 The customer shall be entitled to unilaterally terminate this agreement by
written notice to X/procure® within 30 (thirty) days from the date of
completion of the installation of X/procure® Pharmacy at the Pharmacy
premises, proved by the confirmation of installation signed by the customer.
In the event of the customer terminating this agreement, then X/procure®
shall refund the installation fee and the first month’s licensing to the
customer, and remove X/procure® Pharmacy from the Pharmacy premises.
 Installation of the X/procure® Software will take place as soon as all items
on the below checklist has been completed:
o Agreement between the customer and X/procure® Software has
been signed
o Proof of banking details has been submitted via email to X/procure®
o Pharmacy Information sheet has been completed
o Site Audit form has been completed
 All of the above should be submitted to and
 Installation of the X/procure® Pharmacy package will take place within 7
working days from which the signed agreement is received by us.
Software Upgrades
 X/procure® Software offers software upgrades, service packs and
patches to their software for the duration of the agreement free of
 Information regarding major releases is sent via the Messages
Received Interface within the X/procure® Pharmacy Software and is
posted on this website.